Update 13/04/2014

Just a brief update now to let you know how things are going with the mysterious Book 2.

So how are things going? Good, actually. Managed to get the first half of Chapter 18 down on paper (or pixels, whatever). That will be the seventh chapter of the year so far. The plan is for Book 2 to have 25 chapters in total, plus prologue and epilogue, so at this point the end is very much in sight, albeit several month off at best. (And by 'end' I mean the completion of the first draft, not including any of the many rewrites and beta testing - so, not really the end at all, I guess.)

I am however intending to properly announce the title of the book, and reveal a synopsis, once the first draft is complete. So if you're anxiously awaiting a sequel, there's something to look forward to.

The good progress this year is in large part a side-effect of having the first book out. It's unimaginably motivating to have people actually reading it and saying they enjoyed it. So, if that's you, thanks.

The other news this week, in case you missed it, is the blog post I published on Friday all about Finnish design. If you think that might be something that interests you, take a look.