I'm still here!

Sorry I haven't posted here for a while.  It's been a busy year for a number of reasons, but I do at least have a couple of bits of exciting news to reveal.

First up, the next book (what, you thought they all lived happily ever after at the end of The Devil's Gate?). Progress was initially going rather slowly, due to a combination of other things taking over my time and a bit of difficulty in figuring out exactly what was happening in this book.  However, the latter problem seems to be mostly solved now, and I'm finding that fired with inspiration the former is no longer such an  issue.  I'm now over 18,000 words in.  It's a long way off complete, even in first draft, but honestly most of that has been written in the last couple of months.  We'll get there, don't worry.

And now for the second bit of exciting news.  For five days from 5 July 2017, the ebook version of The Two Empires will be completely free on Amazon.  I've been meaning to try this for a while, on the basis that the more people I can persuade to read it, the more people are likely to leave reviews, tell their friends and buy The Devil's Gate and subsequent books. I imagine most of the people reading this will already have their copy, but if you enjoyed it yourself then why not take this opportunity to get your friends involved too?  Anything you can do to help promote it will be hugely valuable to me.  Unfortunately Amazon won't let me give the book away free for more than 5 days out of every 90, so if you want a free copy you'll have to move fast!

I'll post a reminder once the sale actually begins, and I'll try to give slightly more frequent updates on progress with Into The Dark (oops, well now I suppose you know the working title too).