Happy Easter!

Hope everyone's making the most of the double weekend (if you get it off, anyway). I've decided to celebrate by posting a few of my many sketches created during the process of writing The Two Empires. Please immediately lower any expectations you may have: these might be the ones I'm most pleased with, but the point remains that much as I'd love to be able to, I can't draw for toffee. Oh, and if you haven't got around to reading it yet, be warned that there may well be spoilers ahead.

With that said, here's my map of Dianthus, Krakenbar and surrounding lands:

This is actually just the most recent of a series of attempts as producing the map (it's still several years old). It's interesting to look back at earlier iterations to see how the geography came together. This is really just an overview of key locations - there's plenty more that could be added, and what's there might not be entirely accurate - but hopefully it should give you some idea of how everything fits together.

Next up, here's a sketch of the skyship Midnight Blade. Fairly pleased with how this turned out. Again, this is several years old. That's not to say that what I could produce today would be any better.

And next is 'The Island Base of the Accolytes of Maar' (you wouldn't believe how hard autocorrect and spellcheck have tried to teach me the the correct spelling of the word 'Acolyte'; I still always think it needs an extra c).

And finally, here's everyone's favourite gnome bard, the one and only Trinkertip, looking as stylish as ever. I'm genuinely expecting a call from Christian Dior once this gets out. This is the most recent one of the bunch - probably last year I think?

I've put together a gallery here. Who knows, maybe I'll add some more stuff later? Maybe I'll even be able to draw something decent one day (maybe not).