Now available in paperback!

The time is finally here: The Two Empires is now available in paperback!

It's a book!

It's a book!

Yes, you can now get your hands on a real genuine solid hard copy of my book, if you want to. Visit Amazon to purchase the new paperback edition!

This is an extremely surreal moment for me. It was crazy enough to see my own novel listed on Amazon and to read it as an ebook on my iPad. To actually have the book itself in my hands is pretty mindblowing, actually. It's published by Createspace, who are part of Amazon, and it has come out really beautifully. The cover is gorgeous with rich matte colours, and the pages feel like real quality. I'm no expert in book design, but I certainly can't fault it.

It's been wonderful to hear from people who have been enjoying The Two Empires already, and they've been readers of all ages. A lot of you others have said you're waiting for it to come out in paperback, so now you've got no excuse!

With The Two Empires properly released, I can focus on Book 2. The first draft is more than half done now, and coming along very well in the last month. It's shaping up very nicely, but I'm going to wait a bit before saying any more or announcing the title!

Thanks everyone for all the encouragement over the years. Four years ago the idea of actually printing a book was just a silly dream, but now it's actually happened. So the only thing left to say is: please buy my book!