Ready for launch!

Exciting news - I have now completed my final edit of the book, and have put it together into an actual ebook! It's a strange feeling to actually be able to leaf through it on my iPad now.

There are a few more logistical things I need to sort out before it can go on sale, and I'm going to be ridiculously busy for the next few weeks as it is, and so I've decided on 1 December as the launch date.  As of then you'll be able to purchase The Two Empires  on the Kindle Store, and hopefully the iBookstore if I can get that figured out in time. I'm also looking at other digital stores, so watch this space. 

In the meantime, I'm very pleased to announce that the first ten chapters are now available to download.  I've made it available in different formats to suit different types of e-reader, but if you have any problems please let me know and hopefully I'll be able to sort you out.

The ebooks were created using Calibre, which is a piece of free software I can't recommend highly enough. Aside from creating ebooks, it's the very best way for managing an ebook library. If you've got any interest in reading ebooks then you should definitely be using it.