Almost there...

Just a brief update for anyone who may be following this.  I've just got back from London, where I've been on a course in the City since Thursday.  While there I also got to see The National perform at Alexandra Palace, which was amazing.


The view from my Travelodge

Much like the City of Dianthus, the City of London is a blend of the old and the modern, and in places smells strongly of sewage.

Before that I had managed to get the book uploaded to Amazon, and eventually uploaded to Amazon in a format I'm happy with.  There are a few more details to sort out with the listing, and since I'm going to be in Berlin from Thursday until next Monday it probably won't be finalised until I get back.  Still, everything is looking good for a 1 December release.

It's been amazing to hear from people reading the sample of The Two Empires I released last week.  If you haven't already, please let me know what you think.  I'd also be hugely grateful to anyone who suggests it to other people that might be interested, since it's only by word of mouth that I'm going to be able to reach new readers.

Nothing else to add at this point, other than a gentle reminder that if you like what you've read so far you can always 'like' The Two Empires on Facebook.  But don't feel like you have to.