Update 08/02/2015

This week my splendid crew of test readers have been reading the fourth draft of The Devil's Gate. I haven't really heard much from them yet, so it could still turn out that it's a load of rubbish that no-one will want to read. But they are, like all my readers, exceedingly intelligent and good-looking people, and so whatever feedback they do provide will be very valuable in putting together the final draft.

So what have I been doing this week? I'd like to say I was working hard on the cover, but that's not true. It belatedly occurred to me that it's not possible to design a book cover until one knows exactly how many pages the book will be, and my manuscript is still potentially liable to significant editing. So I've messed around with some photo editing, but mostly I've just enjoyed a break from book-work for a few days.

Instead, let me offer you a picture of a Krakenbaric city, if Krakenbar had bicycles and motor scooters and baseball caps: