Update 15/02/2015

I've not done any work on the book this week, since it's being read by the test audience. Still, the initial feedback I've had so far has been very positive, which is encouraging. It would have been rather sad after all this to be told that it was terrible and not fit for publishing.

What I have written though is a guide to some of my favourite podcasts. I've been meaning to write it for a while, and I've got a few other ideas for similar recommendations I might make in the future. Since I'm not working on the book right now, it was a good distraction from the horrors of 14th February. Incidentally, in Finland they don't have Valentines Day, but instead Friendship Day, which I think is a really nice idea and certainly far less depressing. After all, the one thing the world doesn't need is another reminder of how great it is to be in love and how unrelentingly awful it is to be single.

Anyway, if you listen to podcasts, or if you have no idea what a podcast is but you're curious, you might like to give it a read.