Update 17/08/2013

First of all, if you haven't seen it already, check out last week's post for the official announcement of The Devil's Gate!

Despite being very busy, this has actually turned out to be quite a productive week. I've been able to complete the second draft, which is simply running each chapter through my computer's spelling and grammar checker and pressing the 'Ignore' botton a lot, but which nevertheless still uncovered a whole lot of typos.

More than that, I've also printed out the full manuscript of The Devil's Gate, which is quite an impressive stack of paper. I'd include a picture, except that I forgot to print a title page and it's still in the 'Oh Gods I Couldn't Possibly Bear Anyone Else Reading This' phase (a phase which, on past experience, lasts until roughly four months after the date of publication).

Plus, thanks to a train ride down to London this weekend I've also managed to edit the Prologue and Chaper One. It's not quite as much of a total re-write as the early chapters of The Two Empires, thankfully, but still a lot of pencil. There aren't many sentences that haven't been touched in some way. Fortunately, editing isn't providing to be as hard as I was expecting. Which is good, since if I don't enjoy reading my own writing then I can hardly expect anyone else to.

No good reason for the following photo, but I do quite like it: