Now on iTunes

Following the launch on Kobo a few days ago, it appears iTunes has finally got its act together and approved The Two Empires, so you've now got another option as to where to purchase it.

A happy consequence of this is that Amazon have dropped the Kindle Store price to £3.99, which is what I always intended. Unfortunately their ineffable way of calculating VAT had previously thwarted me.

It's still brilliant to hear from those of you who are reading The Two Empires. I hope you all continue to enjoy it!

I'm going to be out of the country for the next few days, since I'm visiting friends in Finland, my current favourite country. If anyone was curious, the photo at the head of this page (and on the cover of The Two Empires, in case you hadn't noticed) was taken at Koli National Park in Finland this summer. It's one of the most impressive views I've seen; apparently you can actually see all the way to Russia on the horizon.