Well, it's 1 December in Moscow now, so I might as well do this...

I am extremely happy to announce that The Two Empires is now available to purchase from the Kindle Store! You can't believe how surreal it is to see my own name and work listed on Amazon. The Apple iBookstore is lagging behind, but it should become available in the next few hours.

It's a really great moment for me, and thanks are due to everyone who has helped me get to this point. You all know who you are.

If you'd like to purchase the book, or if you haven't yet downloaded the free sample, follow the links here.

Once you've read it, I would really love it if you could tell your friends or write a review. You can leave a review on the Amazon page, of course, or on the iBookstore once that gets up and running. There's also a Goodreads page.

There's still plenty to do on the marketing side, but it feels really good to have finally got this book out into the public. I can get back into reading more, and into proper writing again (oh yes, I'm nearly half way through Book Two - but that's another story). But right now I'm going to go for a run.