Update 13/07/2014

Well, I may have forgotten/been too lazy/been too hungover to put together an update last week, but the good news is I can now report that Chapter Twenty-Four is now finished. Yes, that means just one chapter (plus an epilogue) stand between me and the Twilight Zone of writing, aka editing. Admittedly not much got done last week, but I made up for it over the last couple of days.

I think I really need to plot this final chapter out in detail before putting pen to paper (thumbtip to tablet screen). There's a lot going on and it has to fit together perfectly. So, I might not be rushing through the word count next week.

As I write the World Cup final is running into extra time, and my support is torn between pan-European loyalty and the £32 I've got riding on Argentina in the office sweepstake. This has absolutely nothing to do with the following picture of me playing a large drum: