More press coverage!

Really pleased with this piece in my local newspaper, the Bury Free Press:

With the paperbacks out I wanted to give some to my old schools for the library. Mrs Neale was able to arrange for the BFP to take a photo of the handover and run a story on it. It's great publicity for me and managed to get a mention of my firm in there too. Hopefully a few people might see this and be tempted to buy a copy!

I know there's been a bit of a gap since the last post on here, but despite the prevailing wisdom of blogging-gurus I'd rather just post when I've actually got something to say rather than just dropping vacuous updates for the sake of it. I'm currently working on a couple of longer articles that I think might be interesting, and of course I'm still hard at work on Book 2! Watch this space for more details soon.