Boxing Day 2014 Update

Just a brief one before I set off on holiday tomorrow, to report that I've done the editing of the Epilogue and therefore finished the Third Draft of The Devil's Gate.

Quite pleased with this draft; having read the book now I think it's better than The Two Empires. Still needs work, obviously. The plan is to revisit it next year and read it cover to metaphorical cover with fresh eyes.  After that, I'll be plucking up the courage to show the manuscript to a few others for their feedback.

But that's all next year. 2014 has been quite the busy one: I've published a paperback, qualified as a solicitor, written a second book and (almost) bought a house. For the last few days remaining, I'm going to have a bit of a rest. 

I hope you had a very happy Christmas, and that a great new year awaits us all.