Halloween 2014 Update

Happy Samhain, or All Hallows' Eve, or alternative festival of your choice!

I'm back from Morocco now, after a very enjoyable week. It's a fascinating place, and feels a little bit like being in Krakenbar. Expect a full travelogue and photos some time in the future. I've today managed to get Chapter Fourteen edited, and I'm hoping to do some more editing over the weekend to hopefully bring this draft near to a close.

It has actually been about a year now since I launched malkovari.com, and so I thought it might be interesting to share a few statistics courtesy of my Big Brother style surveillance network Google Analytics:

  • The site has had 3,716 different pageviews
  • The average visitor spends 1 minute 26 seconds on the site
  • I have had 1,016 visits from the UK, 335 from the US and 280 from Finland
  • Aside from the homepage, the most visited pages are Finnish Design, Why I Love Finland and (unexpectedly) Bananaweizen

Who knows how things will stand after another year?

Anyway, that's enough for a Halloween evening. I'll leave you with one of my holiday pictures. Because when you think about it, what's more frightening that the endless uncaring void hanging over us?